Date Time Show Location
09/23/2018 12pm Go West Young Man Texas Capitol under the Dome
12/16/2018 3pm 100 Years of Bernstein Klett Center for the Performing Arts, 2211 N Austin Ave, 78626
~3/03/2019 3pm Time Travel Anderson PAC, 8403 Mesa Dr, 78759
05/12/2019 3pm Water Works Klett Center for the Performing Arts, 2211 N Austin Ave, 78626

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Concert Recordings

Enjoy listening to excerpts from our past concerts! The ensemble’s consistently high musical standards (over 10 years' strong) and comfortable concert atmosphere earned us an outstanding reputation and endorsements from celebrities such as George Takei (of “Star Trek” fame), “8-Legged Freaks” star David Arquette, and “Friday the 13th” composer Harry Manfredini, to name only a few.

The group reached a new level of success in July 2007, performing to an audience of over 4,000 at Book People’s release party for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. The sold out 2009 Fantasy Film Scores concert was standing room only. We are Austin’s own Cinematic Symphony.

You’ve SEEN the films … now HEAR the music!

Upcoming and Recent Shows

Music from the Galactic Empire, on May 4th of course! Bethany Lutheran Church, 8:00pm.

Cinematic Symphony gave you a 1-up with a refreshing performance of your favorite video game music! Selections from Uncharted, Skyrim, Pokémon, Kingdom Hearts, and so much more! March 4th at 3:00pm at Anderson High PAC.

A concert of the sounds of the season on December 10th at 3:00pm at the Klett PAC in Georgetown.

We took flight performing some of the most heart-pounding movie scores to date. We made oceans from clouds, raced cars, flew in a Royal Air Force squadron, soared with dragons, and traveled from the earth to the moon and beyond into an asteroid field in this free concert on Oct 1st at 3:00pm at the Klett PAC in Georgetown.

As a Non-Profit, we operate solely on donations.